Genius Kappa Delta Develops “PMS” Ice Cream

PMS Ice Cream

We’re creatures of habit. We buy our clothes in the same stores, order the same things in restaurants, and date the same type of guys. Therefore, it’s probably not a surprise that when it comes to that time of month – PMS time – and I want to eat my feelings, my go-to foods tend to be the same: pizza, chocolate, diet orange soda (to offset the pizza and chocolate, duh), and of course, ice cream.

My ice cream of choice has a boring name and comes in a boring package that frankly I try not to look at because I’m sure seeing the fat content would guilt me into signing up for ten extra personal training sessions that week. But if one sorority woman from Oklahoma State University has her way, the ice cream that we all shovel into our faces during that time of the month will soon come in a much more descriptive package.

Parker Jones, a Kappa Delta, was working on a class project, when, as she told us, “It was suggested by a professor of mine to do ice cream packaging. After that, I tried to come up with what I wanted the ice cream to be about and that’s where I got the idea of doing ice cream that related to PMS.” And with flavors like, “I Think I’m Dying,” “Don’t Come Near Me,” and “I Need Some More,” what girl couldn’t relate?

Ice cream

Jones told us that the ice cream idea was partly inspired by her time at her sorority house. “After living in a sorority house with 200 girls whose cycles all run together, it was pretty clear to me that PMS is something that almost all girls experience. That being said most girls like myself hate their periods, so why not make a brutally honest ice cream package that says what all girls are thinking?”

Speaking of letting people know what we are thinking, each pint has a scale printed on the side to let those around you know your state of mind during this delicate time.

Whether it’s exactly how hangry you are…

Ice cream

Your propensity for violence in that given moment…

Ice cream

Or exactly where you fall in your body’s version of hell week.

Ice cream

The point of the ranges, according to Jones, was that, “I just wanted to be light hearted with this whole thing, why not treat yourself when just feel crappy and warn people about how you feel in the process.”

Since Parker’s labels were for a school project and aren’t actually in production (yet), what flavor does she head for during that time of the month? “Something with a lot of chocolate and salted caramel.” You and me both, sister.

[via Parker Jones]

Image via Parker Jones

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