Genius Girl Blows Up Facebook When She Creates The Best “Cooler Commandments” Of All Time

Cooler Commandments

Few moments in a sorority girl’s college career are as trying as making a cooler. Finals, projects, and breakups are all easy to handle in comparison to the stress of sanding, priming, designing, buying, tracing, painting, sealing, and filling a cooler for some drunk frat guy.

If you are faced with this daunting task, there are tons of Facebook groups to help you get started. One, in particular, has over 60 thousand members and prides itself on being “A group solely for those girls out there who are running out of cooler ideas.” The Cooler Connection is a place where young women come together to share ideas, get tips, and every now and again get into a heated, meme-filled debate.

Recently, an argument went down. This isn’t unusual. What was unusual, however, was what happened next. Amongst the fighting, the name-calling, and the demands for the subject matter to be taken to the “This Is Not A Cooler But…” page, one girl decided to change the world. Well, the Facebook world.

Enter: Tiffany Edwards. She’s a junior at the University of South Alabama, and might actually be a saint.

During this social media fight, Tiffany wanted to lighten the mood. She took it upon herself to write the be-all-end-all guide to cooler painting. And it. is. everything.



*Drops mic.* There is it. Tiffany just won The Cooler Connection. When I asked her why she did this, she literally said, “I’ve made several [coolers] in the past. I posted [this] in the midst of the argument the other night to help lighten the mood. Everyone has always asked for tips and tricks and I thought it was a funny way to answer them.”

Ladies, cherish these “Cooler Commandments” like you cherish your acrylic paint and Outdoor Mod Podge Waterproof Sealer. And in the wise words of Saint Tiffany, “Go forth and create masterpieces.”

[via The Cooler Connection]

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