Gamma Phi Beta At USC Raises Over $20K To Buy Housekeeper A Car

Gamma Phi Beta At USC Raises Over $20K To Buy Housekeeper A Car

As sorority women, we’re pretty much obligated to be good people. That sounds bad, but we are. Our affiliation forces us to be better even when we don’t feel like it. We volunteer when we might rather be drinking. We study when we might rather…still be drinking. We’re kind when we want to rip someone eyes out. And we use a little dry shampoo and mascara when we’d rather let the world see us as hungover as we feel. So yes, sometimes we’re good because our sorority “makes” us be good. And then sometimes…sometimes we’re good, because our sorority moves us to be good.

Gamma Phi Beta moved its members at the University of Southern California to be good. After 23 years of hard work, one of Gamma Phi’s housekeepers, Fanny, gave so much to the sorority. Generations have grown close to Fanny and grown to love her. And now, they want to show it. The active members and the alumnae set up a GoFundMe page to buy their beloved housekeeper a car.

Active Alicia Jewel wrote of Fanny:

There aren’t enough words to described how wonderful of a person Fanny (pictured left) is. I have known Fanny for 4 years now and she has been a constant source of love, inspiration and support. Fanny has worked for a sorority that I am a member of for 23 years now. She comes to work everyday and there isn’t a thing she wouldn’t do for us. Fanny works paycheck to paycheck to support herself and her family. She has been saving for 2 years now to put a down payment on a car, but I don’t want her to worry about that. I want to get her a car because she deserves it more than anyone I know. Her story is unbelievable and she has never once lost her spark of enthusiasm and laughter .

Her current car is beat up. I’m talking the whole right side is completely crushed and held together my duct tape and plastic. I hope we can all make a dedicated, hardworking and independent woman’s life a little easier. A woman who works day in and day out without asking for anything, shouldn’t be driving such a vehicle. This is a thank you and a way to give back to a woman who has given so much to hundreds of girls going through college.

And they did it. In just a month, 275 active and alumnae members raised $21,069 of their $20,000 goal. Well done.

[via GoFundMe]

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