FSU Frat Guy Kills A Couple And Then Eats The Guy’s Face


I’m a big fan of “The Walking Dead.” It’s exciting, and thrilling, and it makes the hardships of my life (like loan payments and waiting for text messages) seem like they’re not thaaaat big of a deal. Especially because zombies? Yeah, they’re not a thing. Right?

Wrong. Recently a Florida State University fraternity member was found eating a man’s face in his hometown of Tequesta, Florida. In an absolutely horrifying and tragic news story, it was reported that 19-year-old Alpha Delta Phi member, Austin Harrouff, murdered a couple on Monday night and was found eating the husband’s face.

From CBS12:

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Harrouff stabbed John Joseph Stevens III and Michelle Karen Mishcon to death Monday night before attacking a neighbor who tried to intervene. Deputies encountered Harrouff biting off the face of Stevens. Authorities tried to use a stun gun to get Harrouff off the victim, but that didn’t work. Deputies managed to get Harouff free with a K-9 and manpower, but called it “a struggle.”

He was finally taken in and was tested for drugs, and while the first tests have come back negative, they’re still running more. According to the report, he was pissed off about something when at dinner with his parents and stormed out of the sports bar they were at. He then came across the couple who were hanging out in their garage with the door open when he attacked. Turns out, Austin didn’t even know them. Some of his fraternity brothers went looking for him after he went missing but couldn’t find him.

When he was taken away he began making animal sounds, a characteristic of a someone on bath salts or Flakka.

He was a sophomore studying pre-exercise science at FSU, just visiting his family over the summer, and now his life and the lives of other people are ruined. If you want to have a good time, stick to alcohol (or be sober? That’s a thing) guys. This isn’t the way to live, or end, a life.

[via CBS12, Miami Herald]

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