Frozen, Tangled, And The Little Mermaid May Have Intertwined Plots

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Disney movies are everything, duh. The realization that all the princesses might run around in the same magical world is mind-blowing.

We’ve all seen these movies an absurd amount of times, especially while snuggled close to a bottle of twist-off wine. The fact I’ve never realized they all are related is embarrassing, even for me. Of course they all live in the same place, and it’s MAGICAL. These three in particular have a striking similarity in time and location.

“The Little Mermaid” is a classic, and I will always be terrified of anything resembling an octopus because of it. It also gives gingers and girls with great pipes a beacon of hope that they can snag a great man. “Tangled” gives blondes a feeling of strange satisfaction that our hair is actually full of secrets. “Frozen” reminds us of the bonds of sisterhood, and not to mention how cute winter wardrobes can be.

I will admit that I saw “Frozen” for the first time really recently. Don’t worry, I live tweeted the whole thing while wearing an embarrassingly committed groutfit. It was adorable and perfect, just like everything involving a Disney princess. Ariel might be a ginger, but she is also her own type of perfection. Rapunzel speaks to my soul, because she reminds me that terrible things happen to blondes who cut their beautiful locks.

Recently, a fan theory emerged connecting these three movies with little clips of the other characters in the background. Were these filmmakers just testing us? To see who was playing a drinking game to “The Little Mermaid” instead of paying close attention to plot and details? Well, Disney, you win.

In “Frozen,” who strolls through the streets in the background? It’s edgy and brunette Rapunzel of course, with her handsome felon of a husband, Eugene. The pixels are a little distorted but it’s there.

The connection between “The Little Mermaid,” “Tangled,” and “Frozen” is a little sketchy, but it could be true. The theory is that the sunken ship in “The Little Mermaid” is actually the ship that carried Elsa’s parents to Rapunzel’s wedding. It’s a very stretched out version of six degrees of Disney separation, but it could be true. I want to believe this blender of Disney characters exists out in the world, and that someday my college degree will take me there.

I wish I could study abroad in this magical kingdom of time warps where animals talk. According to Disney Wikia (yes, Disney has its own version of Wikipedia) Corona is a fictional western European kingdom and is also the setting for “Tangled.” “The Little Mermaid” originated out of Copenhagen, Denmark. “Frozen” is based out of Arendal, Norway. Coincidence? Maybe, but hopefully not.

From now on, I’m going to pretend that all Disney movies are connected because it makes them seem even more magical. “Beauty and the Beast” and “Sleeping Beauty” can share the same earthy looking environment, but “Cinderella” will always get its own setting.

[via E! Online]

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