Fraternity Raises $10,000 For Member By Eating Chipotle Every Day


Everybody loves Chipotle. Everybody hates people who pronounce it “chip-ol-tay.” And everybody loves a feel-good fraternity story. Luckily, we have the perfect combination of those things for you today.

Joe Gallo is a typical fraternity alumnus from Bowling Green State University. He enjoys a big, fat burrito, and he also likes making fun of the sentimental folks participating in #100HappyDays. Fuck those guys. No one is happy 100 days in a row. Gallo and some buddies joshed about the movement and decided it would be funny to spoof it with a #100BurritoDays challenge. Just after the challenge began, Gallo found out his Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity brother, Bret Grund, had been diagnosed with brain cancer. He saw this as an opportunity to help.

Gallo and a few of his friends set up a GoFundMe page to raise money so they could help pay for Grund’s medical bills. They used the burrito challenge, which required Gallo to eat a Chipotle burrito every day for 100 days, to raise awareness. As of right now, the Pikes have successfully raised $10,000 for their fraternity brother, with hopes to raise $10,000 more. To donate to the #100daysforgrundfund, click here. Also, be sure to check out Gallo’s deliciously awesome–yet simultaneously grotesque–burrito challenge on his Instagram page here.

Chipotle $$

I’ve never been so happy to see someone ‘gram his food.

[via Elite Daily]

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