France Now Has A Giant Vagina Statue Because Why Not?

Vagina Statue

Are you going to France any time in the near future? No? Well, do you at least know someone who’s studying abroad there this summer? Yes? Good. Now, go to their Instagram and see if they took a little day-trip to Versailles. They did? Wow, honestly, this example is really lining up for me. Now, look closely in the background of their garden pictures. Do you see, oh I don’t know, A GIANT GAPING COPPER VAGINA?

Yes, The Palace Versailles, an international treasure and shining example of Baroque architecture, now features a giant copper vagina sculpture by Anish Kapoor in its famed gardens. Anish claims that the sculpture represents “the vagina of a queen who’s taking power.” Ironic, considering that Versailles most famous queen, Marie Antoinette, totally and spectacularly lost her HBIC status.

Anywho, apparently the French are less than pleased with this statue. Which is odd, because as an American, I imagine the French to be nothing but red wine sipping, brie sniffing, horndogs. But since vaginas are, quite frankly, kind of gross, I can see why they’re upset. I mean, my God, I’m barely on good terms with my own vagina, so I can’t imagine having to get on board with one I have to share with a bunch of tourists.

However, I think we should all stand by this weirdly public and pubic art. Because, if nothing else, there will be some really great “rusty vagina” jokes that will come out of this. Sorry that your Versailles pictures are totally ruined, though. Just don’t tell grandma what the sculpture is when she sees your abroad albums at Thanksgiving.

[via Business Insider]

Image via Shutterstock

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I came for the wine, but I stayed for the complimentary appetizer sampler plate.

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