Four Policemen Tackle Tiny Female Student To The Ground For Jaywalking (Video)

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As a tiny, white sorority girl, it should come as no surprise that I have a weird fear of cops. Even when I’m doing absolutely nothing wrong, when I hear sirens, I think they’re coming for me. When I see a cop on the street, I tense up. It’s as if I’m afraid they’re going to tell me I’m partaking in some activity I didn’t even know was illegal.

I’ve never been known for being “rational” or “logical” or any other unimportant qualifier like that. Unfortunately, for one UT student…my weird, over-dramatic “fear” was her reality. University of Texas police were issuing jaywalking tickets as police are sometimes wont to do. One tiny blonde girl, literally wearing braided pigtails, was running along with her headphones in. Police called to her to stop, and when she didn’t hear them, because of those pesky headphones runners often wear, they grabbed her.

Now, maybe it’s just because I’m really single, but when someone touches me unexpectedly, I tend to freak out. Homegirl freaked out too. The police decided that her reaction was “resisting arrest.” Four cops tackled her to the ground and put her in the cop car.

An onlooker’s account via blogspot:

Sitting at Starbucks, on the corner of 24th and San Antonio, I noticed a particularly odd situation. Two Austin Police officers standing outside the Castilian just lingering. Every time I looked back there was a different student holding a carbon copy of what looked to be a jay walking citation. Suddenly, one of the cops shouts at an innocent girl jogging with her headphones on through West Campus. He wobbled after her and grabbed her by the arm. Startled, and not knowing it was a cop, she jerked her arm away. The cop viewed this as resisting arrest and proceeded to grab both arms tightly, placing her in handcuffs. She repeatedly pleaded with them saying that she was just exercising and to let her go. She repeatedly cried out, “I did not do anything wrong…just give me the ticket.” The other officer strolled over and now they were making a scene. She tried to get up. I doubt she was running away as she was in handcuffs, but the second cop pushed her back down to the ground. Because of the commotion, they walked her to the cop car in the alleyway next to Big Bite, where she, overcome with frustration, yelled loudly to gain attention. Because of that, the cops tightened their grip causing her to squirm and kick. Then came two bike cops from down the alley. We now have four cops and one small, helpless girl in the back of a cop car, because she was just going for a run.

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The Daily Texan reports that the arrest was allegedly because she “failed to provide identification.” I’m wondering if that’s because, oh, she was running and didn’t have any? Regardless, her reaction to being forced into the back of a cop car for is truly bone-chilling.

[via Blogspot, The Daily Texan]

Images via The Blaze

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