Former Miss United States And Current Badass Whitney Miller’s Boxing Debut Airs Tonight

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I have a lot of respect for women who kick ass, not figuratively, but literally. Maybe it’s because I have the physical capabilities of a weak baby penguin, but there’s something about a lady being able to beat the crap out of someone that is so dope to me. Women who lift, or box, or are able to fight solely because they grew up with multiple older brothers are just really badass.

I also have a lot of respect for beauty queens because they, like fighters, are superior to me in almost every way. So it should come as no surprise that I immediately fell in love with Whitney Miller, because this chick isn’t just a former pageant queen, but a current boxer as well.

#BTS action wearing my @rootsoffight sweats! Only the best! #fitness #workout #Onnit #fitfam #photoshoot

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Miller was crowned Miss Texas in 2012, and snagged the Miss United States title that same year. While competing in the pageant, she won the award for Best in Swimsuit—a feat most likely accredited to her hard work as a fitness model. Since then, she has taken up Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and placed second in her first tournament a mere three months into training. She then began to incorporate boxing and kick boxing into her routine, making her the most deadly 10 we’ve seen since Ronda Rousey.

"Some women fear the fire…some women simply become it" 🔥 @thechive #photoshoot #knives #lingerie #model

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Now the boxer says her pageant days are behind her. And tonight, she makes her amateur boxing debut against River Fuller, a six credited fighter. The show streams live at at 9 p.m. ET, and although I don’t know much about boxing, the two are said to have a heated history. Which is not totally clear in this traditional (and kind of adorable) stare down pic:

Click here to watch the fight tonight. Until then, feast your eyes on the best of Whitney’s Insta and try not to hate yourself for being a weakling with shitty eyebrows in comparison to this BAMF:

Some things are meant to be tamed @thechive #lingerie #photoshoot

A photo posted by Whitney Miller (@miss2jits) on

Do your thing, whatever that thing is…get after it! #fitness #model #motivation #workout #dance #nike

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