Former Miss Pennsylvania And Fellow Philadelphia News Anchor Passive Aggressively Fight Each Other On Air (Video)

A recent video compilation has shed light on some serious passive aggressive bitch fighting taking place at a Philadelphia based CBS News Station. Nicole Brewer, a former Miss Pennsylvania, has had a long-standing feud with the meteorologist, Carol Erickson.

It’s not clear what started the feud, but it’s evident it’s been a source of entertainment for both anchors and their news audience. The compilation is filled with passive aggressive digs and attempts to assert dominance on either side.

I’m sure Carol thought she was the head bitch in charge at the news channel until the new, hot piece of ass Nicole came in and captivated her viewers. Nobody likes being replaced by a younger model, just ask any ex-wife. I can understand where the animosity is coming from.

I’m not sure who’s winning, but all of this really makes me want to move to Philly…or actually start watching the news.

[via Yahoo]

Image via Youtube


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