Forget Trust! Temporarily Brand Your Husband As “Married” With This Ring


If you’re a jealous girlfriend like me, you’ll know that there’s absolutely nothing worse than letting your man out alone in public without your presence. I mean, it’s not that you don’t trust him, but you definitely don’t trust other girls. Have you seen your guy? He’s hot, and women are bound to notice. If only there was some way that you could mark your property so everyone else knows that he’s off-limits, you’d be able to sleep much more soundly at night.

If you’re married or planning to get that ring by spring, you’re in luck because there’s a new type of wedding ring that makes absolutely sure that your man’s relationship status is visible at all times. Enter the newest, most ingenious invention of our time – the anti-cheating wedding ring. Jason of Beverly Hills designed this amazing ring that has the word “married” embedded on the inside of the band, so if your guy decides to take his ring off for any reason, he’ll have his relationship status embedded into his ring finger. Honestly, this is a genius move, and you’d better believe I’m getting one for my future husband.

Branded! MARRIED #jasonofbh #jasonofbeverlyhills

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This ring has plenty of benefits in addition to marking your territory if your guy doesn’t like to wear his ring out in public. Worried about cheating? No worries, this ring finger stamp will let every female in the bar know if your husband decides to try something. If you’re single, this ring just might save you from getting involved with a married man with one quick glance at his left hand. Of course, the primary reason people will buy this is because women are insane and we want every assurance humanly possible that we’re not being cheated on, and if that takes a theft-deterrent ring, well, I’m all about it.

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