Florida Woman Sells A Shitload Of Fake MAC Makeup Online, Is Now In Prison

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Makeup is just one of those things that you need to dish out some extra cash on, like a vacuum or nail polish. You really do get what you pay for, and I would much rather be slightly poorer and maintaining perfect foundation in hot weather than than be swimming in cash and looking like total shit. Your mom might give you shit for wasting money on brand name products, but your face is a really precious canvas. Bless it with the best shit Sephora has to offer.

Though I say Sephora, any decent retailer will suffice. This does not include the internet.

A 45-year-old Florida woman named Tina Oleszczuk was found guilty for selling makeup disguised as MAC products online. This lady was so desperate for cash that she set up a website, ordered a ton of fake products in bulk from China, and then sold them as real MAC cosmetics to unsuspecting customers on the internet after jacking up the prices. She even sold the stuff through eBay and to some wholesale customers, not thinking that anyone would notice that the makeup they were receiving was lower grade than drugstore products. Not such a smart lady. She should’ve known that girls are fucking detectives when it comes to all things boys, labels, and cosmetics.

Tina now owes MAC over one million dollars, which is nothing compared to her 18-month prison sentence. I imagine she’ll spend her time in the slammer rolling cigarettes and trying to convince the other inmates that they’re genuine Marlboros.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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