Five Sisters We Love To Hate

As sorority women we often pride ourselves on how “diverse” our house is (granted this usually means that there are a couple brunettes), but deep down underneath the different letters, sororities are all very similar to each other. Probably more similar than we would like to admit. This includes the fact that we all don’t exactly care for certain girls in our sorority. From ZBZ to XYZ, here are the five girls we love to hate:

The Overzealous Sister

This girl LOVES being in the sorority. Not loves as in “I like my sisters” but loves as in owns-every-piece-of-sorority-paraphernalia-ever loves. You will find this girl at every single Greek event regardless of insignificance. Even the boring ones that nobody else signs up for, and she’s actually paying attention. Her little’s basket probably required a U-Haul to take back to her dorm. She is always taking up the good study spot on the couch, her Mac is drowning in stickers, and you’re convinced that her wardrobe consists entirely of sorority t-shirts, shorts, towel wraps, flip flops, crew necks, cardigans, etc. I like the enthusiasm sweetheart, but please TONE IT DOWN.

The Risk Manager

To be fair, I know that the risk manager is a necessary evil. When she took on this role she essentially asked to have the majority of the house despise her, and for that I commend her. But we still hate her. The worst part is that she usually gleefully volunteered for her position, and that is a kind of crazy I will never understand. She’s the one drawing Xs on your hands and checking for flasks like she’s the head of Homeland Security. While we’re busy contemplating how to pregame enough to be drunk through the whole party but still be allowed in the door, she’s sipping Capri Sun and looking up a breathalyzer on eBay. I understand those who choose not to drink (okay no I don’t), but why do you have to take it out on me?

The Bloomingdale’s Catalog

If you’re in any top Greek system (read: SEC and the like), most, if not all, girls in your house own and love Tory Burch, Lilly, David Yurman, Marc Jacobs, etc. We all dress well and have great taste, but there is always that one sister who does it just a little bit better. She always looks impeccably put together, even on a Sunday afternoon. She somehow finds and buys the newest and cutest collections before they’re even in stores. This girl’s wardrobe probably cost more than some people’s educations and she makes your carefully planned ensemble look like a muumuu and Birkenstocks. The worst part? She won’t share 🙁

The One Who Doesn’t Fit

This girl could be the awkward legacy, or she could just be one of those girls who was really good at rushing but sucks at existing. She isn’t exactly ugly, but she’s the one you nudge to the back in group photos and send to the kitchen during recruitment. On one hand you feel bad for her when she’s sitting alone at chapter dinner, when she gets the awkward big (and the awkward little), and when she’s left out of sisterly bonding sessions (aka going out). On the other hand, you aren’t exactly dying to be her best friend because she is JUST THAT WEIRD. At least she’s usually a reliable call if you’re dying to find somebody to go downtown with on Monday night, and over time this girl can morph into a beautiful butterfly (or at least somebody with whom you might want to be friends).

The Drama Queen

It seems as though this girl never got the memo that high school is over. She thrives on any and all drama that she can create or augment. You made out with a random guy two years ago and one of your sisters danced with him at a frat party last week? This girl will deliver the news faster than you can say “over it.” Just had a breakup? This is the girl hanging on to your every word, pretending to care but really she’s thinking up new ways to shit-talk you later. This girl is dangerous and often hard to spot because she pulls it off as “just trying to be a good friend.” Yeah effing right.

All in all, deep down we love our sisters. Even the ones mentioned here. They may not be our favorites, but we know that in times of crisis we can rely on them to come to the rescue, or to at least take shots with us after all is said and done.

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