FIU Student Dies After Attending FIJI Party At An Off-Campus Hotel


Correlation does not mean causation. Correlation does NOT mean causation. We hear this phrase all the time but sometimes I think we’re so quick to judge and make assumptions that we forget about it. Until the truth is revealed, the blame shouldn’t be placed on anyone.

Fort Lauderdale police are investigating the death of nineteen-year-old Florida International University student Kellie Fullilove, who passed away at the Bahia Mar hotel. It has been determined that Fullilove had attended an off-campus social event organized by Phi Gamma Delta “right before” she passed away. Police say there are “no signs of foul play,” and they are waiting on a toxicology report from the Medical Examiner’s office to officially determine the cause of death.

“There’s nothing suspicious,” said Fort Lauderdale Det. Keven Dupree.

Although there is no official cause of death, FIU was quick to place to blame on the fraternity in a statement posted to their official Facebook page:

We are saddened by the death of a student this past weekend.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. The student had attended an off-campus social event organized by Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity right before she passed away. The incident is being investigated by Fort Lauderdale Police.

The unexpected death of anyone is tragic and awful. Her family and friends are going through one of the most heartbreaking and trying times a person can ever experience. There is no doubt that the death of this young woman is a tragedy, but jumping the gun and implicating FIJI in a statement about her death before anything has been proven just seems callous.

Daniel Wind in the comment section of the Facebook post said it best: “Until further details are released, tying the fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta serves no purpose other than instilling a negative light on a group of young men. These men are probably impacted just as much as the rest of the community and insinuating them as a possibly responsible party is uncalled for.”

There is nothing more sad than losing someone you love. Thoughts, prayers, and good wishes to the family and friends of Kellie Fullilove.

[via Sun Sentenial]

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