Finally, An R&B Banger About Freeing The Nipple


Nipples. Either you love them or you hate them. Everyone has them, but for whatever reason, they’ve been the source of an endless, age-old debate. After years of fighting, we have finally started to express our feelings through song instead of through hatred. R&B signer/soon-to-be sensation Emmalyn has released #FreeTitties in hopes of portraying her side of the fight in a peaceful manner. Grab a seat, put in some headphones, and let her voice take you on a journey through her struggle.

Before the song even starts, you know it’s going to be a banger. Why? Because the title is a hashtag. Not only can the song trend on SoundCloud, Spotify, or any other music streaming outlet, it can also trend on Twitter. It’s ingenious marketing. By the time Emmalyn comes in with “Sorry I’m not sorry,” it’s already lit. She is not fucking around. She doesn’t want to wear a bra and she does give a fuck OR shit what you think about it.

When an artist sets out to make a statement, he or she generally starts small and then works up to their agenda. Not Emmalyn. She comes out with guns (and titties) blazing. Calling her dedication to her mission admirable would be a disservice to the caliber of her commitment. With all of the political unrest in our country, it is refreshing to find an activist who has a clear and clean campaign. It’s something that our world leaders should take note from.

Freedom’s taking over and so is Emmalyn.

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