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Celebrity Sorority Girls

There is always one girl in every house who, for whatever reason, will be famous. Maybe she’s studying biochemical engineering. Maybe her aspirations of fame and fortune are more on par with bouncing her girls around on YouTube and hoping Victoria’s Secret will finally notice (I’m looking at you, Kate Upton). The fact of the matter is that you know you’ll see her smug mug in the media one day, and when you do, you’ll probably be surprised by how she got there.

To use the clichés that we sorority girls bitch about outwardly–but secretly cultivate and joke about amongst ourselves–each house is usually known for something. The girls with their dads’ AmEx black cards and brand new Bimmers are always lured to PQR house. The bookworms are in LMN. The slutty girls who tend to wind up in accounting, still wearing last night’s mascara, reeking of Red Bull and shame, are in another equally gossip-worthy house with a particular reputation among campus Greeks.

Since I’m older and wiser than you, I’m here to tell you that those stereotypes don’t always pan out. To prove it, take a look at this list of former sorority girls (via the always reliable Buzzfeed) who turned into (mostly) functioning adults. But since sometimes those reputations are hard to shake, I’ll look away while you pass judgement on whether their houses’ reputations stuck with them in spotlight.

1. Elizabeth Banks, Delta Delta Delta
2. Sheryl Crow, Kappa Alpha Theta
3. Molly Sims, Delta Delta Delta
4. Sophia Bush, Kappa Kappa Gamma
5. Vanessa A. Williams, Zeta Phi Beta
6. Tory Burch, Kappa Alpha Theta
7. Angela Kinsey, Chi Omega
8. Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Pi Beta Phi
9. Kate Spade, Kappa Kappa Gamma
10. Hoda Kotb, Delta Delta Delta
11. Betsey Johnson, Alpha Xi Delta
12. Carrie Underwood, Sigma Sigma Sigma
13. Star Jones, Alpha Kappa Alpha
14. Kristin Chenoweth, Gamma Phi Beta
15. Jamie Chung, Kappa Kappa Gamma
16. Patricia Heaton, Delta Gamma
17. Aubrey O’Day, Alpha Chi Omega
18. Ashley Judd, Kappa Kappa Gamma
19. Condoleezza Rice, Alpha Chi Omega
20. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Delta Gamma
21. Joanna Garcia, Delta Delta Delta
22. Ann Coulter, Delta Gamma
23. Catt Sadler, Chi Omega
24. Cloris Leachman, Gamma Phi Beta
25. Michelle Pfeiffer, Alpha Delta Pi
26. Katie Couric, Delta Delta Delta
27. Lo Bosworth, Kappa Kappa Gamma
28. Wanda Sykes, Alpha Kappa Alpha
29. Heather Locklear, Chi Omega
30. Cathy Bates, Alpha Delta Pi
31. Kimberly Williams, Alpha Phi
32. Nancy O’Dell, Kappa Kappa Gamma
33. Jennifer Garner, Pi Beta Phi
34. Nancy Grace, Alpha Delta Pi
35. Erin Andrews, Zeta Tau Alpha
36. Joy Behar, Delta Zeta
37. Mariska Hargitay, Kappa Kappa Gamma
38. Lucy Liu, Chi Omega

[via Buzzfeed]

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