Fail Friday: TSM Edition

Ten real TSM submissions. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

When using the bathroom you must always cross your legs. No matter the number. TSM.

Ummm… first of all, this is gross and unnecessary. Secondly, girls don’t poop. Duh.

Destroying your paddle and hiding all evidence because you hate it. TSM

I have no witty comment. I’m actually speechless. You’re literally the worst Big ever.

Shacking with an immortal. TSM

Sweetie, I think he may have tricked you…

My big and I share everything, including our boyfriend. TSM

Must be tricky around formal season.

every kiss begins with kay. unless you give me jewelry from kay. then all that is beginning is a long and hearty snicker. followed by 15 minutes of cackling. ending with a snort. TSM.
-South Carolina

You shouldn’t be allowed to laugh.

Getting Jizzed in by a millionaire. $$$$ bling bling bitch. TSM

dAmN gUrL. tHa $hiz cRAZii

I keep it classy by having my only tattoo inside my lip, and my tattoo is of my letters. TSM.

You’re right… that IS classy.

More cushion for the pushing. TSM

This is the literal opposite of a TSM

Making the whole house breakfast in the morning after shacking. TSM.

Total Desperate Cry for Attention and Acceptance Move

Figuring out how many calories are in semen because that’s what I had for breakfast. TSM.

You’re shallow, misguided, and tasteless… but I think it’s only like 5.

TSM Intern

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