Fail Friday: PNMs Think They Have a Say, Gets Me Every Time

Told him I make a great sandwich. He told me he was breaking up with his girlfriend. TSM.

I call shenanigans.

My best friends besides my sisters are named Lilly, Kate, David, Ralph, Ray, Tori and Sperry.TSM.

Mine are Sara, Courtney, Maggy and Jessica. But it’s nice to know you’ve befriended your clothes.

Deciding which sorority to pledge by which Lilly Pulitzer print you like the most. TSM.

Oh, honey. You think you have a say. That’s cute.

Trying to decide if it’s acceptable to use your Coach purse as a gym bag inside of your Lilly print duffel bag…TSM

The only place it’s acceptable to use your Coach purse is to hold your Tiffany chain link necklace, walkman, and denim skirt in a box marked “things that were cool in the 8th grade.”

I might not have met Mr. Right yet, but I have met Mr. Broke, Mr. I don’t have time for you, Mr. I forgot to tell you I have a girlfriend, and most importantly Mr. I’m not good enough for you. TSM.

Mr. Broke. NS.

My little of one month made out with my guy of one year… Needless to say, she will no longer be my sister, let alone my little. TSM.

Sounds like the people in your life really care about you.

Ending four years with a collection of nude underwear. TSM.

I don’t even….what?

Going to a party and having your president hand out red solo cups and reminders that if you get caught by the cops, you’re associated with your rival sorority. TSM.

If your president is that tacky, there is really no hope for your chapter.

Skipping all your classes: Not Srat. Skipping to all your classes: TSM
–North Carolina


Always being asked to do other’s makeup and refusing. TSM

Share the wealth, betch.

Let me know if it gets any better after 1:48 because I had to stop watching

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