Fail Friday: Orphans

Ten real TSM submissions and one video that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

That annoying moment when his pledge class is being hazed less than you. TSM

So annoying when that happens.

Crafted a dildo for my little. TSTC.

Doesn’t seem very functional.

Taking a pregnancy test in Walmart. NS. Being responsible. TSM.

Walmart. NS. Target. TSM.

Getting high and watching the hills TSM

Weed is for boys. Sorority girls only do club drugs.

Sneaking out of you shaker’s room in the morning to take a saturday morning beer shit and slipping back into bed without him ever knowing. Tsm

Beer is for ugly girls.

When you have to get adopted because your Big is not who you thought she was. NOT TSM


Orphaned littles tend to grow up all funny…sometimes it’s best to leave them in the system.

Sending rush boobs because you care about the fraternity and actually want to help out with rush. Not to get them posted on the TFM wall. TSM.

–South Carolina

Sweetie, I think you’re missing something here.

Never have I ever kissed a boy with tongue. Not classy. TSM.


Wait, what?

Falling in love with your little. Like actually. Like I’m in love with her. Like IN love. TSM.

I get it, you’re a lesbian.

Being the best kitchen girl there ever was during recruitment. TSM.

Oh honey. That’s sweet.

Now we know who to blame

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