Fail Friday: Old Meat

Ten real TSM submissions and one video that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Wearing pearls to the bars. TSM.

And wearing hooker heels to church.

I learned early on that guys want to take me to the bone zone, and so i mastered the art of flirting and teasing. Instead of applying myself and studying, I plan on earning my associate’s in cock guzzling and then motoring through life based on my looks. TSM.

You can get a degree in cock guzzling now? Learn something new every day.

In Wyoming, we may not have the best-looking or the most wealthy girls, but we have sisterhood. TSM.

Where I’m from, we have all three.

The older the meat, the better the treat. TSM.

Define “treat.” If treat means the presents you get from an older guy with a better job and more money, then I’d agree. If treat means the sweet nectar of his loins, catapulted from a clammy, wrinkly ballsack, then you, my dear, are mistaken.

Today a girl in another sorority handed me a flyer inviting me to their recruitment event. I’m a senior and have been in my sorority for four years. Fail.

What’s it like to go four years unnoticed?

Getting de-littled, but adopted by the whole house. TSM

Orphaned littles give me the heeby jeebies.

Buying the year’s worth of Formal dresses because if you have them you know you’ll get asked. TSM.

You won’t.

Google docs. TSM.

Breathing. TSM.

Kiss and tell. NS. Kiss and yell. TSM.

Probably part of the reason he didn’t call you back.

Out of all the jobs I’ve done, I’m most proud of the blow. TSM.

Having a job. NS.


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