Fail Friday: National Mean Girls Week

Ten real TSM submissions and one video that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

No I do not have any facial piercings. TSM

You don’t? Weird.

When I came through girls told me my family was the the eh pretty family, the legacy has continued one little at a time. TSM

The “eh, pretty” family. What a legacy to continue.

Teeth are always in style. TSM.

I laughed out loud at this. Yes, teeth are always in style.

The “I’m so glad I’m not wearing letters” look. TSM.

Sweetie, that’s really not so much of a “look” that you should be going for. Like ever.

Blowing Bacon on his weekend binge but him not remembering. TSTC.

No, no, he remembers. He’s embarrassed, but he remembers.

A sister breaking her ankle from falling off of a longboard. That’s what she gets for acting like a geed. TSM.


Can’t she just tell everyone her boyfriend beat her or something? That’s humiliating.

Dancing with our house mom at the club. TSM.

Trashy house moms are my favorite.

Having your drunk fraternity friends tell your little she’s your little before revelation. TSM.

Umm. That sucks. They’re bad friends. TSM!!!!!

Having more fraternity tees than sorority tees. TSM.
–North Dakota

Dear God.

“Do you wanna buy some drugs?” TSM.

And here we have an example of where a Mean Girls quote is not, in fact, a TSM.

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