Fail Friday: Hold On For One More Day

That Awkward moment when your drunk and the man that you took to your formal dance is viciously pumping you behind the bar. what makes it more awkward is everyone was watching you yell finish on my face. Remember folks when you drink your not the only one there. TSM.

You’re right. That does seem like an awkward moment.

Competing with your twin to see who will make a better paddle for your big because you know that your big will like one of yours better. TSM.

“You’re her favorite Little, but mine was her favorite paddle! Suck on that.”

Bedazzling your fratdaddy’s wheelchair after he gets in a car accident. TSM

Now he has “probably gay” to add to his list of handicaps.

I dont have herpes. I have glitter. TSM

Somebody didn’t master analogous relationships on the SAT, missy!

There’s only one thing young ladies should be inserting in themselves… and that’s knowledge. TSM


You sound like my kind of Friday night.

Doing crunches in the tanning bed. TSM.

I make martinis in the tanning bed.

There are only two important things in life; my sisters and recruitment. TSM.

And personal hygiene maybe.

More frat daddies than days of the week. TSM.

Where EVER do you find the time!

I can’t go, I have to bake. TSM.

Oh the power of flour.

Knowing an “engagement” on facebook is fake because there hasn’t been a candle passing yet. TSM.


“And get this…she’s been telling everyone she’s engaged! But like…my sorority hasn’t held a ritual so…well, let’s just say we all know who’s still a member of the lonely hearts club.”

I can barely hold on until the end of the video

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