Fail Friday: Dumb Blondes

Letting one rip in front of girl you don’t like during recruitment. TSM.

“That house kind of smells funny.”

Nothing gets me wetter than a potential new little. TSM


“I wish I could just date 5 guys at one time”

Do a lot of people you know say this?

Daring anyone to try and take your title as TSM All-Star. TSM
–New York

I dare them to try!

Having a wine scented candle. TSM.

I’d rather just have wine…

The only thing I can’t do is fly. TSM.

Try It.

He’s a good guy. I would like to shake that man’s dick. TSM.

Shake it, girrrrllll.

Aspiring to be like Shoshonna from Girls. TSM.

The least virginy virgin ever? Or someone who accidentally smokes crack. Admittedly, she’s my fave, but like….no.

Fucking your Little’s boyfriend as part of her initiation process. TSM.
–South Carolina

What? No, you sick bitch.

Going on a break with someone who isn’t your boyfriend. TSM.

Oh, honey no.

Dumb Blonde Girl Fail Compilation

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