Facekinis Are A Thing And They Are The Stuff Of Nightmares


As more and more people are becoming conscious of skin cancer, we are making more of an effort to protect our skin. We are slathering on the sunscreen and even bringing back the one piece. Now China, the world’s frontrunner in swimsuit fashion, have now come out with facekinis that definitely don’t make you want to shit your pants when you see someone wearing one.

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They even come in fun designs!

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Have you ever seen anything so terrifying trendy? They originally hit the market in 2004, and just like Nick Cannon, they were underrated at first, but slowly grew popularity. Now, everyone can feel like the fashionable 1960’s bank robber they always wanted to be. Mike Meyers isn’t the only one who gets to rock a mask anymore. Eat your heart out, Darth Vader! Masks are so hot right now. Like literally, I can’t imagine how hot it would be to have that stretchy polyester sack smother me more than an ex-boyfriend. I’ll stick to some sunscreen and a big floppy hat, thank you very much.

[via Elite Daily]

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