Facebook Post Outs Douchebag After He Allegedly Tried To Get A Refund From The Girl He Bought A Drink For

Guys buy girls drinks all the time. It’s in the top three best things about being a girl. We get free alcohol just for being pretty. We don’t owe the guy anything, even if this is the third LIT that he’s bought you. But apparently not everybody knows that.

Emily took to the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange to put a guy she met at the bar on blast. She was out when the man in question, Kris, bought her a drink. After she went to leave with somebody else, he got in her face about paying her back. Because accepting a drink is accepting an invitation to fuck, right?

Girl Puts Guys Shit On Blast

Kris, obviously, was not having it. So he came back with a scathing reply.

Girl Puts Guys Shit on blast

Ugh, classic guy response. Trying to make her look like the bad guy. He should just slink away with his tail between his legs and accept defeat. Emily, who is clearly not a girl who should be fucked with, updated her post after Kris’s retort.


Honestly, that was smart of them to hold hands before approaching the girl. Do you think Bonnie and Clyde held hands when they were robbing a bank? Of course not, that’s not menacing at all. The best part is people called her out on her bluff and ya girl delivered.


girl puts guys shit on blast

I think it’s clear that Kris is in the wrong here. How goddamn tacky is it to ask for money for something that you gave away? Emily, you did the right thing. He looks like a toolbag anyway.

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