Eyebrow Extensions Are Apparently A Thing Now, And This Has Officially Gone Too Far

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At what point is this “brow game on fleek” craze going to calm down? I’m not sure why the whole thing started, but I’m guessing it’s because of women like Drew Berrymore who over plucked the shit out of her eyebrows in the ’90s. The only logical step to recover from such a monstrosity was to encourage women to sport Delevigne caterpillars. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of growing thick brows. So the makeup companies encouraged everyone use pencils and shadows to get the perfect look, and we all thought that was that.

Until the internet introduced us to the world of brow extensions. The term “brow extension” sounds like a bad SNL joke, and I don’t even understand how something so strange is possible. Apparently, to get the extensions, brow technicians use tweezers to dip tiny synthetic hairs in glue and then APPLY THOSE TINY HAIRS TO YOUR FACE. It’s like our faces aren’t even human body parts anymore. They’re just really expensive, trendy craft projects.

I LOVE brows!!!!!!

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Okay, I guess they look pretty decent. But is it worth it? Treatments cost anywhere between $75 to $350, and results only last somewhere between two to three weeks. So, unless you have an endless supply of cash flowing out of your asshole, I would definitely say that it is not worth it.

To each her own, I guess. I personally wouldn’t consider it, and not just because it’s crazy expensive. Every girl goes through a miniature breakdown every time she accidentally rips out a few eyelashes, and because I’ve experienced this type of tragedy, I can confidently say I would not be willing to watch my perfect eyebrows shed before my eyes. That shit would be traumatizing.

Does anyone know when natural, average eyebrows will be in style?

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