Everything You Thought You Knew About Dress Code Is A Lie

I was a strict follower of dress code from Kindergarten all the way up until I walked the stage at high school graduation. I took that ish seriously. To this day, my shoulders have never seen the harsh fluorescent lights that lit my path to education and knowledge. So imagine, much to my surprise, when I found out a very heinous piece of information about this college journey I was about to embark on. There’s no dress code in college. I was flabbergasted. No dress code??? So do people, like, go to class naked? Do they wear bikinis??? Would my shoulders finally see the inside of a classroom???

If you can believe it, students just dressed *gulp* normally. No one was running around TOFTB, and even with shoulders galore, the males in the room remained focused on lecture? My mind was blown. Turns out, it’s not just college guys that can contain their composure in the presence of extra lady skin. Now, researchers are discovering that even wild, hormonal, savage high school boys are advancing. Even they, can resist a clavicle to focus on algebra.

Does dress code not matter? Is it possible that without a strict dress code, students would dress in an appropriate manner and be able to find themes in “The Great Gatsby”? Watch as these high school girls uncover this chilling evidence.

What’s going to happen next in this crazy world?

[via Mic]

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