Everything You Need To Know About The “Hunger Games” Prequels

The Hunger Games

What a world we live in. Wearing dorky shirts is totally in again, anyone can become Instagram famous if you lighten your pictures up enough, and stories will never, ever end. According to USA Today, the rumors were just confirmed, and “The Hunger Games” will live on, and on, and on and on and on and on in the form of prequels. Because we just can’t let go.

The Vice Chairman of Lionsgate Entertainment, Michael Burns, just announced that they will be making prequels to the now-famous story of Katniss and her love triangle the dystopia that’s the result of a crumbling government.

What’s the reasoning behind this decision? Our boy Mike says it’s because, “the one thing that kids say they missed (from the existing Hunger Games films) was there was no (old school) arenas. If we went backwards there obviously would be arenas.” So there it is. It’s for the arenas and is in no way because these movies make bank and the entire franchise is a total money machine.

It’s all about the arenas, guys.

There’s no word yet on whether the original cast will return or how many movies there will be, but does it really matter? We’re all going to go see the films anyways so like, well played Lionsgate. Well played. The only concerning thing about this whole prequel business is something Michael Burns said at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference in New York. When speaking of the epicness of the series, he compared “The Hunger Games” to “Harry Potter” saying that both of these stories will “live on and on and on.”

Which is cute. “The Hunger Games” is great and all, but comparing it to HP? Come on Mike. That’s a stretch, even for you. I mean, sure they’re both fantasy, but just because you copied Harry Potter’s structure in literally everything, it doesn’t mean they’re on the same level. No matter how much you try, you’ll never been queen bee. Because when it all comes down to it, every knows that Hermione could take Katniss any day.

[via USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter]

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