Everyone Is Mad At Michael Bublé For Posting This Picture Of A Stranger’s Ass

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I’ll just start out by saying that I am definitely a fan of Michael Bublé. His voice is timeless and his curly hair reminds me of that of a finely shaven sheep, which is enticing. My sources also tell me that he has a tendency to blurt out inappropriate jokes, which I’m willing to not only overlook, but appreciate.

Apparently not everyone is willing to look past his attitude, however. Earlier this week, the Canadian singer uploaded a photo to Instagram that had lonely teenage girls everywhere revoking their fandom and taking to Twitter to call out the singer. The controversial picture featured a girl in the background who seems to be sporting some shorts that are a tad too small for her butt, a crime we’ve all committed once or twice.

The picture immediately sparked anger in viewers, who accused Michael of being a total creep for posting the picture for his 1 million followers to see. Those angered by the post decided to express their outrage calmly and respectfully like a pack of rabid hyenas.

I’m torn. I want to be mad, because the picture is kind of exploitative. However, everyone who’s saying that he’s body shaming is making some pretty conclusive assumptions and ignoring the fact that he added “#beautifulbum,” which is clearly a compliment. He could legitimately be admiring her ass, which she clearly felt proud enough to flaunt in a public establishment. If so, he’s definitely being a perve, but at least he’s not shaming in the process, right?

Whichever side you take, at least now we know he is definitely 100 percent straight.

Image via Instagram

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