Every Sorority Girl Needs A Frat Best Friend

frat best friend

Fraternity men are vital to any university. They are commonly stereotyped to get sloshed literally every day that ends in Y, fornicate often, and always clothe identically. And perhaps some of them do fit that stereotype. But they are also bred (partially through pledgeship) to be fantastic and loyal friends to not only their brothers, but to girls as well. Whether you are a fan of these creatures or not, if you are in a sorority, you can’t really escape them. You might as well get used to having these fellows around because even if you don’t like them, your sisters do. Relationships with these guys are rumored to usually end in breakups similar to Scott and Kourtney’s. Wakeup call: that is literally any college relationship, not just when you get involved with a frat boy. Either way, these men deserve a chance to become friend zoned. Once the friend zone is established and agreed upon by the two of you, a beautiful Phoebe and Joey friendship may blossom.

It is in an unwritten contract that having an appointed frat best friend (FBF) guarantees you will always be taken care of. Your FBF will make sure that you never have to take an Uber home. Instead, there will be pledges lined up to take you wherever your heart desires. Gone are the days of deciding whom will be the DD. Also, pledges won’t despise doing favors for you. They won’t presume that you are just a typical brat who feels entitled to pledge services just because you’re dating a brother. If your FBF sees you as a cool chick to hang out with, more than likely other brothers will too. Which means that driving you around, cleaning and building things, escorting you places, and attending all of your sorority’s philanthropy events won’t be as dreadful. Another bonus to having a FBF is that frat guys are known to use their parents’ money to purchase whatever it is that their lady friends want. You don’t have to be their girlfriend in order for them to do such acts of generosity. FBFs will basically be your ATM machine when necessary. (Just don’t take advantage of them because that’s fucked up.) Also, if you are lucky, your FBF will be able to help your grades. They usually have access to brothers’ old papers, which could potentially help you in your classes. And, of course, having a FBF means a larger wardrobe. You will be one of the first people notified when his fraternity is selling shirts. Luckily for you, he already knows your shirt size and won’t make you pay one cent. Basically, your FBF has all of the important resources a girl really needs.

Formals and date parties are essential to every sorority girl’s Greek experience. These events become a hassle when you can’t find a date though. If you have a FBF the search for an escort is one less thing you have to worry about. This man will be your go-to date to formals and date parties. Who really wants to go through the trouble of finding a date or asking a stranger to go with them anyways? I wish your poor little soul luck in life if you enjoy hunting down a guy to take with you. If you are single, you know how awkward it can be to ask a gentleman you don’t feel like you are quite on “that level” with yet to go with you. You might like him, but you don’t want this boy to think you’re a clingy psycho if you ask him to a date function too soon. That’s why a FBF is the obvious answer. There’s no pressure, he probably already knows half of your sorority, and you’re promised a fun time. Hooking up with him at the end of the night is unlikely, but the other single guys that attend the date party are usually fair game. You can also be the hero when your sisters are in desperate need of dates and you persuade your FBF to get his brothers to go. Let us not forget that the date situation is a two-way street. You invite him to things, and it is likely that he will invite you to his functions as well. And fraternity events are fucking awesome, might I add. So it is a total win-win.

Want a phenomenal social life beyond date parties and formals? Get yourself a FBF. Frat parties? You’ll be the first to know when and where, which means extra time to start planning your outfit. Also, you won’t ever have to worry about being alone when they throw a rager. There are very few substandard feelings than being abandoned at a party, especially a frat party. A FBF always has your back when you can’t find your girls and an obnoxious drunkard is preying on you as if he was a sabre-toothed tiger and you are a gazelle. Your FBF will cut in and tell said asshole to go fuck himself. From then on, you will never hear from that annoying creep. But not all fraternity shindigs are held at their beer-infused frat palace. When it is football season, they schedule the parties to be earlier in the day and usually under tents. They call this magical form of partying “tailgating.” During this time, you are expected to drink as much Fratty Light as your liver can handle. Tailgating also requires you to mingle with a bunch of good-looking fraternity fellows pre-football game. It’s basically a dream come true. And your FBF only makes things better. Since he is just a friend and not a boyfriend, you can go to his fraternity’s tent and get as trashed as you want without feeling obligated to stick around. Girlfriends are generally expected to stay at their boyfriend’s tent. Luckily, when you are just friends you are free to wander from one tent to another.

Basically, if you have any kind of brains (which you should if you are in college), you will take the time to meet frat guys so you can find “The One.” The one who will make your college and Greek experience worthwhile. The one who will always take shots with you, but punch any asshole who tries to take advantage of you. The one who you won’t feel guilty for friend zoning. The one that you can call your FBF.

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