Every Greek At NIU Thinks “GDI” Is A Gang Out To Get Them

GDI Gang

Though they’re a far way off from evening out the playing field, it seems that GDIs have recently advanced in their war on Greeks. The score is now a cool 8 billion to one, Greeks in the lead, but this recent hit really hurt.

As they sometimes do, an independent at Northern Illinois University used the letters “GDI” as his or her unofficial representation. They say they don’t want something to bind them together, but they do. Oh, they do. On a dumpster (BECAUSE THEY’RE TRASH), said independent spraypainted those letters, sometime between March 23 and March 30. Someone took a photo, which has since been floating around Facebook, and somewhere along the way, a rumor was started that this was the insignia of a local gang, Gangster Disciples, warning people of their impending initiation, which would presumably involve assault, rape, and murder of the local fratters.

Phi Kappa Psi camped out all night to protect themselves. Sigma Kappa didn’t leave their house alone. Delta Chi –the wisest of the bunch– was skeptical, but still expressed concern for the ladies walking by themselves at night (those charmers). Parents demanded protection for their children.

What parents, students, and every Greek didn’t realize, however, is that GDI stood for God Damned Independent.

Everything was merely based on hearsay. The rumors were spread. No one reported the graffiti to the police, and when they finally did, the police had to conduct an investigation to learn what any high school student could have told you. This was none other than your run-of-the-mill Greek-hating geeds letting everyone know they had nothing better to do than vandalize a dumpster on the row. Demerit for every Greek at NIU. You should have known better.

[via Northern Star]

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Veronica Ruckh

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