Emma Roberts Arrested for Domestic Violence

Girl, you cray cray.

Emma Roberts was arrested last week in Montreal for domestic violence.

Julia Roberts’ 22-year-old niece, best known for her role in Scream 4, was booked by the Canuck police after someone called to report she had been fighting with her boyfriend, American Horror Story star Evan Peters, in their hotel room. Police arrived to find Peters with a bloody nose and bite marks. Emma was taken into custody.

Apparently, the two had been arguing loudly in their hotel room and she flew off the deep end and attacked him like a velociraptor. Emma was later released because her boyfriend chose not to press charges, which seems a little bizarre to me. I feel as though any normal person would press charges after being punched in the face and bitten.

A week after her arrest, Emma was seen having a terrible acid washed denim moment in Beverly Hills that revealed several bruises on her legs and a bandaged elbow. Maybe she wasn’t the only attacker in her little hotel room dispute?

Either way, I don’t think anyone’s surprised that the guy who played a psychopath could actually be one in real life, and I’d always pegged Emma for the crazy type. It’s in the eyes, you see. Sometimes I catch a flash of crazy in her and I see a kindred spirit.

The two have had an on-again-off-again relationship for some time now, and are working together on the set of the third season of American Horror Story. It’s clear they’re unstable, but I don’t think that’s any excuse for physical violence.

My only other guess would be that the two are into some hardcore S&M and Peters forgot the safe word, which led to a massive blowout where Emma had to scream and attack him to escape the pain of a riding crop, or something. One would only assume. Whatever it is, I hope the two get their shit together, because the world was over Whitney and Bobby before Whitney and Bobby even happened, let alone Chris Brown and Rihanna, who are torrid and abusive enough to take up any available space on the crazy train.

[via TMZ and TMZ]

Image via Associated Press


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