Elderly Couples Dies While Having Sex In A Hot Tub


There’s a million ways to die, but I have to say, dying while having sex definitely isn’t the worst.

An older Canadian couple passed away in each others arms in the hot tub of their Playa del Carmen, Mexico hotel on November 12.

Charles McKenzie, 67, and his wife Dorothy, 63, were deep in the throes of passion when Charles had a heart attack and died. The weight of his body on hers caused Dorothy to drown.

The couple was found by their daughter, who was set to get married on the beach on November 14. She called the police and after an investigation, they found no evidence of foul play or illegal entry into the room. They even ruled out death by electrocution. It was simply a series of unfortunate events that led to their deaths.

It’s a horribly tragic accident, but at least they died happy and together.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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