Earl The Grumpy Puppy Is The Greatest Thing On The Internet Right Now

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For years, Grumpy Cat has graced animal lovers and cynics alike with her crabby disposition and “fuck everything” outlook. We’ve grown to love her and everything she stands for, as well as the memes that accompany her bad attitude.

But it’s time for her to move over. Earl, the Grumpy Puppy is the newest gem on the internet, and I’m mildly freaking out about him. He’s a five-month-old puppy, but he has the face of a fifty-year-old man who hates the world and all the people in it. He’s perpetually frowning, and it’s fucking awesome.

Sunday funday!

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Gloomy day… #grumpydog #grumpypuppy #puggle #pugglesofinstagram #puppy #dogsofinstagram #dogoftheday

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Hello Instagram! #earlthegrumpypuppy #grumpypuppy #grumpydog #puggle #pugglesofinstagram

A photo posted by Earl (@earlthegrumpypuppy) on

That face. Those ears. The scowl. It’s all amazing, and I don’t think I’m currently emotionally stable enough to be looking at his adorable hatred toward life. He’s the hero we need, but don’t deserve. He’s a beacon of darkness in an otherwise bright and happy world. He sort of looks like a cross between what my dad looks like when I ask for money, and what my standards chair looks like when I stick my torso out the window of our formal bus. I wish I could perfect his glare. Maybe then people wouldn’t ever speak to me and kids would cross the street to avoid walking past me. Oh, the possibilities.

We’ll always love you, Grumpy Cat, but your fanbase might take a hit as more and more people cross over and join team Earl.

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