Durex Just Trolled All Of Us With Fake Eggplant Condoms


Since the most PG-13 emoji on our iPhone keyboards is currently the middle finger, we have to come up with alternative ways to describe our hookup adventures to our girlfriends in our group text. From the pencil emoji (bad) to the paperclip (worse), the emoji you choose can say quite a bit about your adult sleepovers. However, there’s one go-to that we all use: the eggplant. Always in our “recently used,” the eggplant emoji is today’s universal symbol for getting laid. Thanks to a recent practical joke by Durex, however, we were *this* close to getting to experience the actual eggplant emoji IRL… aside from the eggplant emoji vibrator, of course.

As a joke, Durex released eggplant-flavored condoms and managed to convince the Internet that these were actually, really, truly happening. With a box featuring a more realistic eggplant emoji, Durex convinced everyone that they’d be able to actually make the eggplant emoji happen. As it turns out, Durex was just trolling us, and I’m completely torn. On one hand, the emoji lover in me really wanted these to happen. On the other – do I really want to experience an eggplant flavored condom? I’m going to say pass.

However, Durex wasn’t just trolling us as a late April Fool’s joke – there was actually a purpose behind their fake condom announcement. Durex is apparently aware that the eggplant is the standard sex symbol emoji, and they wanted to make it easier for people to talk about sex – because what’s easier than discussing difficult topics using your emoji keyboard? The takeaway? If you get nervous asking your S.O. to use a condom, just text them an eggplant emoji – thanks to Durex, they might actually get the picture.

[via Teen Vogue]

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