Dumbest Man Alive Jumps On Broadway Stage And Attempts To Charge Phone In Fake Prop Outlet

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There’s nothing worse than a dead phone. It’s when your phone is dead that you realize exactly how much of a worthless piece of machinery it is, and that you’re wasting your entire life bent over the damn thing. It’s best to stay plugged in, so as to ignore this harsh reality and continue perusing through pointless apps and conversations.

However, you definitely shouldn’t forget that there are rules. Think of your charger as a dick; keep it in your pocket until someone gives you permission to stick it where you want. You shouldn’t charge during a professor’s lesson, you shouldn’t plug in at a restaurant, and you definitely should not climb onstage during a Broadway show and attempt to plug in to a prop outlet that doesn’t even work in the first place, which is exactly what one idiot New Yorker did.

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Posted by Chris York on Thursday, July 2, 2015

People are so fucking stupid. The luckily anonymous soul just climbed onstage before the showing, thinking he would find some juice for his phone. This isn’t even a cool “fuck it” scenario, this is just straight up arrogance. It somehow didn’t occur to the man that the stage and everything on it was for a performance, and was very, very fake. It also didn’t occur to him that Broadway is not a free for all, and you can’t just hop up on the stage whenever you want.

If I had been an actor I would’ve let the incident slide, and improvised an unwarranted fight scene just to have an excuse to pulverize the phone to bits. But that’s just me.

[via BuzzFeed]

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