Duke Student By Day, Pornstar By Night: Meet The Girl Who’s Making Headlines

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She’s articulate, she’s intellectual, she’s independent, she’s a college freshman, and she is a pornstar.

After her involvement in adult films was broadcasted online by a classmate, the Duke University freshman who wishes to remain anonymous, speaks out against the haters who are publicly trying to shame her. In an essay originally posted on XO Jane earlier today, she defends her life choices and tells the dissenters to go to hell, albeit in a much more eloquently stated way. She’s a beautiful writer, a smart girl, a hard worker, a dedicated human rights activist, and, so, it begs the question: why does this girl do porn?

She addresses the question, firmly stating that she loves the industry and that this part-time job of choice gives her the ability to attend her dream school and graduate debt free. Her hope was to keep school and work separate, but that wish was quelled when a classmate found the twitter handle of her “alter ego” and began blasting her sexual history all over campus. After being bullied and harassed, both online and in person, she decided to take a stand against those intent on shaming her choices, stating:

What I did not expect was that I would be brutally bullied and harassed online. I did not expect that every private detail about my life would be dissected. I did not expect that my intelligence and work ethic would be questioned and criticized. And I certainly did not expect that extremely personal information concerning my identity and whereabouts would be so carelessly transmitted through college gossip boards. I was called a “slut who needs to learn the consequences of her actions,” a “huge fucking whore,” and, perhaps the most offensive, “a little girl who does not understand her actions.”
Let’s be clear about one thing: I know exactly what I’m doing.

The entire article is definitely worth a read. Check it out HERE.

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