Drunk UConn Student With No Chill Assaults Cafeteria Employee Because He’s Hungry And Wants Mac And Cheese

Drunk U Conn Student With No Chill Assaults A Cafeteria Employee Because He's Hungry And Wants Mac And Cheese

There’s a lot of things I’d do for macaroni and cheese. Pay way more money than it’s worth? Sure. Give my boyfriend a blow job? I’d consider it. But physically assaulting someone is where I draw the line. I think. No, I’m kidding, it is.

This drunk kid at UConn just verbally nuked a cafeteria employee for 6 minutes, because he wouldn’t serve him. It’s hard to watch, but what’s worse is when the kid gets physical.

Honestly, I “awwwed” out loud (which should be an acronym of its own, except AOL is taken), when the other chef said “You don’t touch my boss!” as he brought that clown to justice. Makes me wonder if one of my girls would do the same for me. And then I remember they wouldn’t, because they’re all 100 pounds and wear extensions.

It seems that this isn’t our assailant’s first public, drunken tantrum. Just a month ago, he was allegedly arrested as police attempted to move a crowd from the street. Being part of the crowd, and unwilling to move, he yelled, “Fuck you n****r!” at police.

Some kids can’t handle college, man.

[via Gawker]

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