Dreams Do Come True: You Can Finally Have A “Clueless” Closet

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Want to feel ancient? It’s been almost 20 years since Cher scrolled through her tech savvy closet in “Clueless.” However, there’s a bright spot– years later, the “Clueless” closet is real. Prepare your plaid ensembles and Alaïa, because soon enough you’ll be organizing them on your enormous 90s computer.

The online tech company Metail has made your greatest dream a reality. They created a digital fitting room where women can try before they buy. Sure, it’s not a computer generated walk-in closet in Beverly Hills, but at least we’re getting closer to living the Valley Girl dreams of our youth.

This program is almost identical to the one Cher uses, but it doesn’t come with a sexy step-brother of your own, unfortunately. You can create your very own 3D model in your likeness by entering your height, weight, bra size, hairstyle, skin tone, and more. This might be the only place you don’t lie about your weight.

Once you build your cyber dopple, you can dress her in looks from all sorts of online stores before you make your purchase. This means you can do serious shopping damage without leaving the comfort of your couch, and you won’t have to deal with annoying returns. Best of all, you can share your potential purchases on social media, which is so much more entertaining than pictures of food and #MCMing your boyfriend.

[via In Style]

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