Drake Posted A Really Hot Instagram Of Himself And Justin Bieber Said What We Were All Thinking

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Drake is a gift to us all, as both a person and a musician. It’s as if he has taken on all the emotions that your past five boyfriends completely lacked, and is able to turn all of those feelings into music that makes you want to sit in a dark corner and cry. He’s a magnificent specimen, even though I still picture him in a wheelchair circa Degrassi 2001 whenever I hear him rap about depressing shit. Dude’s got us feeling all sorts of ways. All of us, including Justin Bieber.

The rapper posted a disturbingly sexy photo of himself to Instagram last night. It’s the kind of picture that makes you realize how unattainable a guy like Drake is. I, personally, was speechless. Bieber, apparently, was not.

Pree show

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And for Bieber’s comment…


DAMN, DADDY IS RIGHT. I don’t even care if he’s being sarcastic, which I’m pretty sure he’s not, because would you look at those abs? It’s like he was sculpted from caramel and sewn together with a rare fabric I like to call boyfriend material. Thank you for existing, Drake. And well done, Justin. Maybe you’re not a total piece of shit.

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