Douchiest Guy Alive Tries To Pick Up Girls On Tinder With Picture Of His Bank Account Balance


I know we’ve seen a lot of bold moves when it comes to the Tinder game. There are crazy profile pictures, amusing, fake profiles, and seemingly-endless legions of creepy, creepy fucking pickup lines. I think this guy may have topped them all, hands down.

Why? He put his checking account statement as his profile picture. And ladies, prepare yourselves–it’s pretty big.

Banking Account, Tinder

$127,000 in his checking account? Sign me up. I’m sure that means he’s an interminable prick who’s clearly trying to make up for some shortcomings, but dammit, I want a new Hermès. Yes, we can all agree that this guy is a douche, but if you came across this, you KNOW you’d swipe right. Dude’s probably got a 95 percent match record. He could have a face like Steve Buscemi and no penis and you’d still probably say yes when he asks for a second date.

It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for him. A screenshot of a bank account balance beats a dick pic any day.

[via Via Barstool Sports]

Image via Valley Wag

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