Don’t Panic But Dry Shampoo Might Be Killing Your Hair

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Dry shampoo is a godsend. I don’t mean that it’s a valuable item to have in your bathroom; I mean that God literally sent it to us to make up for the fact that men are able to take a shower and walk out the door within the same five minutes. That shit just isn’t fair, which is why I’ll be making my boyfriend feel bad about it for the rest of eternity until he gets fed up with my shit and dumps me.

Atlantic writer Olga Khazan, another dry shampoo enthusiast, recently recapped her experience with the beauty staple. Olga, a hard working woman who was sick of waking up early enough to catch a shower, regularly used dry shampoo to maintain both clean hair and a healthy amount of sleep. Eventually, she started to notice that her hair began to thin. Out of desperation, she contacted 11 hair experts and dermatologists to see what the fuck was happening, and why.

According to the experts, we need to stop believing that dry shampoo is actually shampoo. It doesn’t clean your hair; it just soaks up the access oil that chilling on your head and making you look like grunge city. Doesn’t sound that bad, right? Wrong. Apparently dry shampoo can irritate your scalp so badly that it weakens hair follicles, which can potentially lead to hair loss. Dry shampoo produces also cause hair follicles to stick together, which means that stray hairs that might shed during brushing can take multiple other strands with it. If you’re freaking out right now, you’re not alone. I’m one bad hair day from just shaving it all off and failing to rock a pixie cut. Think Halle Berry meets Ron Weasley.

Olga found that the general consensus from the dermatologists was that you should wash your hair with regular shampoo every two days or so. They also busted the myth that you can “train” your hair to produce less oil by shampooing less. Apparently you either have an oily scalp or you don’t, and no amount of wishful thinking will change it.

So that’s that. The world continues to spin, doctors keep telling us shit we don’t want to hear, and being a girl still sucks.

[via The Atlantic]

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