DJ Khaled Accidentally Snapped His Credit Card Last Night


Credit cards are the most wonderful things in the world, especially ones that are not your own. On the other hand, being cut off from those credit cards can be the most awful experience a girl ever has to endure. But even if daddy is cutting you off for a while after your Christmas break shopping spree, DJ Khaled has offered up some help (accidentally).

Last night, DJ Khaled’s well-followed Snapchat revealed what every girl’s boyfriend is reluctant to hand over — his credit card information. His followers were quick to take note of the information and spend allegedly over $80,000 in 30 seconds before someone let him know. And to think, my dad was mad about a few hundred dollars spent at the outlets with my “only for emergencies” card.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the number, so I can’t get the items currently hanging out in my 20 online shopping carts. And, you know, there’s the whole felony thing. Can the shoppers argue that DJ Khaled gave them his credit card number? I’m sure they’ve sent him enough nudes to make up for their purchases. Can’t we just call it even?

This is the only time a dick pic would have been less damaging. Sorry, DJ, I guess you don’t always win, win, win no matter what.

[via Hip Hop Overload]

Image via Youtube

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