Disney Princesses Were Given Cell Phones And Now They’re 100% Relatable (Photos)


Princesses, they’re just like us!

Well, sort of. For awhile they weren’t. They were skinny, always had perfect hair, and fell for the bad boy despite the fact that he had major issues (okay, actually that one does sound like all of us). But lately, people have been taking it upon themselves to turn our favorite princesses into people who are more relatable.

Now they have thick waists, honest hair, and the crippling attachment to technology that we all know and love.

Thanks to artist and sociopolitical activist, Saint Hoax, we can finally see just how miserable these Disney movies would have been if everyone had iPhones. It’s call a “Contemporary Fairy Tale” and it showcases just how shitty we all are.

From A Plus:

The ‘Contemporary Fairy Tale’ series critiques how technology is being misused. What pushed all my buttons was when I witnessed two people who seemed to be on a date, barely have four full sentences with each other.

Oh, you mean they were busy Snapchatting and taking selfies? Did I say these Disney characters sounded miserable? I totally meant relatable.

A photo posted by Saint Hoax (@sainthoax) on

A photo posted by Saint Hoax (@sainthoax) on

A photo posted by Saint Hoax (@sainthoax) on

So sure. It says something about the deterioration of our society and how we’re more attached to technology than we are to each other. But let’s be honest, if these princesses spent half as much time on Tinder as they did with these bozos, they would have found someone more worth their time. Someone hot, but approachable. Someone who shares the same interests and loves to please them. Someone who gives them want they want, and never stops being the delicious man they fell in love with.

You know, someone like this.

A photo posted by Saint Hoax (@sainthoax) on

So yes. The gallery was created to show how our phones are taking over our relationships, but I think it says even more than that. It says the key to our hearts. The thing we all long for. The person who would make us happiest over anyone else.

A pizza boyfriend.

Throw some pineapple on there, and we’ll all live happily-ever-after.

[via Cosmopolitan, Instagram / Saint Hoax, A Plus]

Images via Instagram / Saint Hoax

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