Disney Princesses Are Portrayed More “Historically Accurately” (PHOTOS)

Much like every other girl in America, artist Claire Hummel grew up watching Disney cartoons, and was obsessed with the Disney Princesses. Over the span of two years, Claire has used her artistic gifts to draw the costumes she thought would be more appropriate given the time frame of each princess’s story. To be honest, I think they look pretty similar to Disney’s original versions, which isn’t surprising since Disney has teams of artists doing research on this sort of thing. Anyway, they’re a pretty cool rendering of America’s original pledge class.

She made Jasmine’s outfit a little more ornate, but said it took some effort to get midriff baring designs.

Belle’s ensemble matches 1770s French court fashion — huge and ornate.

Can anyone see a difference in Pocahontas’s tribal dress?
Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 10.33.56 AM

She made Ariel’s get-up an 1890s evening gown, which actually looks pretty close to her wedding gown.

She drew from the 1860s for Cinderella’s influence.

Apparently, Mulan was actually the most historically consistent of all the princesses.

As for Snow White, she went with a mid 1500s Germany look, which again…looks pretty similar to the Disney version.
Snow White

And she just gave Tiana’s 1920s flapper gown a little more flair. It’s actually really cute.

Either way, the drawings are just another fabulous nod to whichever Princess is your fave.

[via Yahoo]

Images via Yahoo


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