Disney Is Surprising Us All With A New “Frozen” Short

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Just when you think you finally have “Let It Go” out of your head, Disney unleashes more “Frozen” for us to obsess over. On March 13 — yeah, as in 16 days from now — you can catch “Frozen Fever” in theaters. No, it’s not a full movie; it’s a seven-minute short that you can see before the new “Cinderella” rendition.

I don’t really know why Disney feels the need to bribe us to go see “Cinderella,” but I’m not going to complain about the added bonus. The short will include a new song from the same people who had you duetting “Love Is An Open Door” for months straight. I really hope it doesn’t disappoint, and that Elsa still has some of that spunk.

[via ABC News]
Image via YouTube

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