Diet Whiskey Is Here And It’s A Total Freaking Lie Because The World Hates Us

Diet Whiskey

When given my choice of hard liquors, I tend to gravitate toward vodka. With between 60-80 calories a shot, depending on the proof, I feel like mixing it with Diet Sprite practically makes it healthy since it’s so low in calories. I used to favor Fireball whiskey but then some asshole ruined it by telling me it had 110 calories per shot. If you are doing five of them every time you go out, that adds up.

But for you whiskey lovers, a new product may offer a “diet” alternative. Sinfully Thinn (Sidenote: I really hate when companies misspell words on purpose) has created THINN Light Whiskey, which, according to their website, “is the most desirable and first Light Whiskey to Market.”

While THINN Light Whiskey does come in a cinnamon flavor, it may not be the “healthier” alternative the company would like you to believe it is. The folks at Mashable did a little research and found that there’s 100 calories in one shot of THINN Light Whiskey, compared to 98 in a shot of Jack Daniels, and the 110 in Fireball. Sure, sure, if you care about sugar or sodium or whatever, it might be the better alternative, but you don’t. It’s low cal or GTFO. Besides, ten fewer calories is hardly enough difference to be considered diet.

Mashable went on to say that Sinfully Thinn declined to reveal how exactly their process reduces the calorie count. Which seems like a total red flag flag to me. Honestly, if this was a guy, and he wasn’t dishing on some important info, you’d kick his ass to the curb, WITHOUT putting him in your mouth. Just saying. As for the whiskey, while you may be saving a (very) few calories, you should probably just stick to the real thing. This is why I have trust issues, whiskey. This is why.

[via Mashable]

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