Did Santa Clara University’s Sigma Pi Support Sex Trafficking?


The fraternity in question was Sigma Pi, not Sig Ep

Of course not, you idiots. Who would ever think that a bunch of drunken philanthropists were genuinely wishing evil onto women and children? No one, right? So, why are they under fire?

Halloween is long gone, but the aftermath of the night is still affecting Santa Clara’s Sig Pi, and not just because everyone is still sporting costumed profile pictures. In good Halloween fun, the fraternity decorated their house in a spooky fashion, complete with a slut box on their front lawn. It was a stripper pole inside a black cage, with the red words “Bad Bitches Only” spraypainted on the front. Sounds like a party.

Not everyone agrees.

With pledge season winding down (presumably), Sigma Pi took a little longer than expected to remove their Halloween decorations, which according to some, looked alarmingly similar to sex trafficking cages. Nothing’s a bigger buzzkill than sex trafficking. Now, I’ve never seen a sex trafficking cage, nor did I know that the women were actually kept in cages, so I’ve got to assume that the guys over at Sigma Pi hadn’t either.

Bad Bitches Only

That did nothing to stop some offended people from putting the fraternity on blast all over campus, and on their blogs. They were pinned as PROMOTERS of sex trafficking, because they used a cage as a Halloween decoration. The university responded by saying the prop was “counter to everything Santa Clara University stands for,” because it’s simply unheard of for administrators to back members of Greek life.

I think it’s completely bogus. Don’t get me wrong, being sold into sex slavery is one of my biggest irrational fears in addition to going blind, and getting pregnant whether or not I’ve had sex, but I think taking a decoration out of context and applying significant meaning to it when there isn’t any is just incredibly unfair to Sig Pi. The fraternity apologized for the vulgarity and for living in the same universe as people who are too easily offended (my words, not theirs), but president Pete O’Brien gave the following statement:

“Her connecting sex trafficking with that Halloween prop was a stretch,” he said. “There are a lot of people who are associated with our fraternity. And a lot of people’s reputation were tarnished when she made that accusation.”

Exactly. I’m all about raising awareness. I’m a sorority girl — “Let’s raise awareness” is practically our mantra — but to place blame on innocent parties in order to do so is just in poor taste.

But maybe I’m just biased, because I’m a bad bitch, and I like when we get special treatment.

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