Delta Gamma At Ohio University Is Breaking The Sorority Stereotype


There’s an old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Unfortunately, a lot of the photos that you see in the media about sorority life don’t exactly convey the words we would generally like to be associated with our organizations. So the ladies of Delta Gamma at Ohio University decided to do something about it.

The chapter launched a “Defying Stereotypes” campaign via their Facebook page, with sisters addressing the common stereotypes about sorority women. The project was spearheaded by two chapter members, Elizabeth Harris, a senior studying strategic communication and political science, and Kaitlin Hatton, a junior studying commercial photography who took pictures.

Harris talked to The Post Athens about their reasons for the project, saying, “I just got the idea because I know that our chapter has unique and diverse individuals that hold so many qualities and characteristics that defy the stereotypes that are associated with sorority women.”

Hatton added, “There’s a very obvious negative portrayal about partying and that’s not the case at all. A lot of that is what inspired this. Because we just hear these stereotypes all the time and we know that they aren’t true, we really wanted the public to be able to know that as well.”

Since the set of 25 photos was posted on Tuesday, the project has received a ton of likes and shares. Harris said, “It’s kind of nice to see that it’s leaving a message and it’s reaching people who may have had those stereotypes carved in their head. I’m very humbled by the positive effect that this is making at the Greek life community nationwide.”

[via The Post Athens]

Image via Facebook / Ohio University DG

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