Date The Girl Who Shares Articles On Facebook

Date The Girl Who Shares Facebook Articles

Social media has been used exclusively to share our thoughts with the people we care about, as well as anyone who will listen. We’ve all been sharing so many ideas, that it seems as though we are running out of our own. In such a drought, we reuse the words of others. Sharing articles on Facebook have become the newest, hottest way to express yourself. You have a ton of thoughts swimming around that someone has managed to put down in writing, and finally you are able to convey the feelings that have been bottled up inside. Not only that, since they are someone else’s words, you don’t have to take full responsibility for someone else’s interpretation. Yeah, you may have shared an article about fuckboys, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the reason you shared it is to get back at that guy who won’t text you back (but if the shoe fits…). Because articles on Facebook have become the best way to share, the girls who share them are the best to date.

She Is In Touch With Her Feelings

Only the most emotionally stable are able to be so open with what is going on inside their heads. When they broadcast their every thought, it means that they are self-assured and self-sufficient enough to take backlash for what effects their thoughts and opinions might have on those they are sharing with, which is pretty much everyone they have met since seventh grade.

She Is Straightforward

You never have to wonder how she is feeling. Just go to her Facebook profile and check out what she has shared recently, especially if it has a caption like “THIS *praising hands emojis.*” Immediately, you’ll be able to tell what is going on in her mind. Read the article carefully, because what she has granted you is a transcript of her innermost thoughts and desires. Gone are the days of overthinking and wondering what you did to piss your girl off. Just take a couple seconds away from PornHub, and you’ll know exactly what’s going on.

The Only Games She Plays Are Quizzes

Not only is she straightforward, but she doesn’t mess around. The articles she shares are only the ones that describe her, and sometimes her friends. Even when she takes quizzes, she takes those to heart. She is proud that Facebook predicted that she and her best friend would be in a relationship next, because they “are pretty much already dating.” She wants her friends to know that even though Facebook analyzed her profile picture and decided she looks most like a monkey with braces, she is confident enough to laugh at herself.

She Is Easy To Relate To

She is empathetic and sympathetic. She’ll make you feel comfortable immediately, because every story you tell her is literally her. She knows what is reasonable and fair, and she can sense when something is going to go viral. Of all of your Facebook friends who shared the same article about being an introverted extrovert, she was the first one. She has a keen sense for what is hot, helpful, humorous, and happening. Especially if she share TSM articles.

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